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Picture yourself creating the most amazing quilts...

"Take a few minutes to read about
— "The World's Best
Quilt Batting" —

You'll love getting your quilt batting—factory direct—
from the manufacturer (no middleman markup).

In fact, two weeks from now I can hear
you telling your friends how much our quilt batting has improved the quality of your quilts.

And the best part is, you are 100% guaranteed to make Heirloom Quilts that everyone will Rave About!

Dear Quilters and Friends,

Welcome and Thank You For Coming to Quilt Batting Plus.

As you read this information you'll begin to think about creating beautiful quilts.

You'll think about how easy it is, working with the quilt batting you order from us.
You'll wish you knew about this quilt batting years ago.

Well, most likley you've use our quilt batting.
Have you ever used Airlite batting?
Well that's us, except we are now online
as Quilt Batting Plus (Do you like our online name?)

Anyway, Quilt Batting Plus is a traditional (offline) and now an online manufacturing company dedicated to providing you and others users of quilt battting a wide variety of batting, fiberfill and other filling products directly to you the consumer.

Our philosophy is simple. 

Provide you with the finest quality quilt batting in the world.
Shipping to you, directly from the factory and offer you a
100% money back guarantee that you'll love our quilt batting.

You'll save money and get the world's best quilt batting
while eliminating the “middle man markup."

What do we mean by "middle man?"

Well its quite simple, we protect you from the hassle of dealing with huge chain stores, (walmart, Jo Ann, etc.) that are only interested in serving you what THEY think YOU want with little regard to what you really want in products and service.

The fact that you're a very smart quilter means you can be assured that products from “QBP” (Quilt Batting Plus) are exactly what you are looking for.

Now, what if you're a professional Long Arm Quilter?
As a long arm quilter, you know it almost impossible to create heirlooms quilts for your customers using Wal-Mart quality batting.

Traditionally Quilt batting was available to the consumer only from secondary markets such as chain stores or discount stores.  At QBP you deal directly with the manufacturer for maximum saving with NO MINIMUM ORDER REQUIRED!

Stop working sew hard creating family heirlooms with Wal-Mart quality batting

We offer a line of products that include the following:

Quilt batting, fiberfill, and several grades of urethane foam including high density non flammable furniture grade and “Vesco” memory foam (as seen on television and in leading magazines).

We promise, you'll love using our quilt batting.
That's why we are gutsy enough to call it
the "World's Best Quilt Batting"

Eric Herman
Quilt Batting Plus, Inc.

P.S. Just think! In less than 5 minutes you can begin to discover the quilt batting that most of the long arm quilters are using to create their masterpieces.

And remember, our quilt batting comes to you completely risk-free.
In fact, the only way you could incur any risk at all is by not trying our quilt batting.

Still unsure, we'll deliver what we promise?
Order our free sample pack of batting and test it for yourself.

7 Free samples of our Quilt Batting
Plus a few free surprises you'll love.
All we ask is you cover the shipping
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